The Virgin Medal is a symbol of faith and devotion in many countries around the world. It is an award and an enduring symbol of honor and recognition that has been honored by millions of people for centuries.

The history of the Virgin Medal dates back as far as the 15th century, when it was first documented as a religious symbol in Europe. It has since become adopted by numerous religions around the world and is used in various ways to mark special occasions. The Virgin Medal is an emblem that has been used to honor those deceased, to commemorate important events and to celebrate occasions of significance in a person’s life.

The Virgin Medal is typically crafted from silver, though some are also made from gold, brass, bronze and other materials. This award is given to mark special occasions such as religious holidays, baptisms, graduations, births and anniversaries. Some of the most commonly awarded Virgin Medals include the Immaculate Conception medal, the Queen of Heaven medal, the Sacred Heart medal and the King of Kings medal.

The Virgin Medal is often engraved with words of inspiration and dedication to its recipient. It often also bears the image of the Virgin Mary, who is seen as the patron saint of the Catholic Church. This symbol is not only used to express one’s devotion to their faith, but also provides a reminder of the Christian ideals that are held by so many believers.

The awarding of the Virgin Medal is a highly venerated, meaningful and personal gesture that is often accompanied by a note of recognition, or perhaps a religious prayer. The recipient of the medal is held in great esteem and respect, and is acknowledged and acknowledged for their faith. This veneration also extends to other religious faiths as well, as the Virgin Medal has been adopted by many as a form of tribute.

The symbol of the Virgin Medal is an enduring image that serves as a reminder of belief, commitment and devotion. It is an honor and privilege to receive, and many people view it as a critically important indication of one’s spiritual beliefs. This medal is an enduring symbol of faith and devotion, and has been honored by millions of people for centuries.


GTBITALY 60.836.31 milagrosa medalla Virgen María Milagrosa + logotipo oración en inglés plata medida 9 cm con purpurina esmaltada a mano
  • Medalla de 9 cm con purpurina azul
  • Oración en inglés
  • Esmaltado a mano artesanalmente 100% fabricado en Italia
Eurofusioni Medalla chapeada Plata Virgen Milagrosa Pray FOR US - h 2,5 cm - 10 Piezas
  • Genuina Medalla Milagrosa - 10 piezas
  • Del dibujo original dictado dà Nuestra Señora durante su Aparición a Sor Caterina Labore a Rue du Bac, en el 1830 a París.
  • Metal chapeada de plata

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